Describe A Film Recently Seen By You -IELTS Cue Card

Topic- A Film Recently Seen By You.

1: When and where you watched the film?

2: What was the movie about?

3: Why you chose to watch the movie?

4: How you felt about it?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic and the given questions within two minutes. You have one minute for think about this topic and what are going to say.

When and Where You Watched The Film?

I really like to see different types of movies such as hollywood, bollywood and punjabi movies but here I am going to talk about one of my best movie which I really liked.

It was a historical movie for me because after watching it my life was totally changed and the movie name is Chak de India.

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What Was The Movie About?

I recently saw a newly released film titled “Chak De India” at my aunt house with their family. I had heard a lot about this film from some of my class-fellows who are also sportsmen. It is a sport-based film and it is in support of the game of hockey.

Shah Rukh Khan is the hero of this film and it has been directed by Shimit Amin. There is no boy-loves-girl type of romance in the film even though the film is sport-oriented, It success is unexpected and fantastic.

The film is the story of a former hockey player who becomes a coach for Indian women’s hockey team. Kabir Khan is the coach for the team and he works very hard to train the women’s team to win world championship.

The film tells us with a certain feeling for the past glory that Indian hockey enjoyed in the past. we were world champions then. The film also suggest that all the attention is being paid to the game of cricket. The picture hints that equal attention should be paid to other games where we had supremacy in the past.

The women’s hockey team in the film does not have any glamorous heroine. They players have been taken from the length and breadth of the country. Some of the players did have some experience of playing hockey but all of them had to undergo rigorous training.

The film is purposeful and we get the hint that our ancient glory in hockey can be restored, if girls trained by Shah Rukh Khan in the film can become world champions, why not our boys?

The film is very good attempt and we can surely improve our performance in other games.

How You Felt About It?

I really enjoyed the movie because of shah rukh khan was giving training to hockey team. I get goose bumps at the end of movie and at the final stage of the hockey match it became very excited so this was really engrossing movie and I also recommend everyone to watch this movie based on national flag and hockey match.

Answer 2

The film that I would love to share with my friend is Chack De India a 2007 bollywood movie directed by Shimit Amin. This film has already received the star film fare award. Shah Rukh Khan played the great role in this film as a hockey trainer. Till now, it has won many film fare award and became the most watched film in 2007.

When And Where You Watched This Movie

I watched this movie in my mobile because my friend suggested me to watch the movie. He sent me the movie on whatsapp and I really enjoyed to watch the whole movie, such a great movie I have even seen in my life.

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