How To Learn English At Home-A Complete Guide

Do you want to learn english at home without going to any center? In this article, I will tell you the complete guide about how to learn english at home.

English language is very important for everyone, If you don’t know how to speak english then you can’t get good job in private company. So you should learn english at home without spending any money.

So let’s move to our topic and learn english step by step and a complete guide about it.

Learn English At Home

First of all, if you want to learn english at home then you should have good internet connection, timing and some basic knowledge of english grammar. Then you can start learning english language so here are some points that you should follow,

Learn Basic Grammar Rules: Before learning an advanced english rules, you should learn basic english grammar rules by watching videos on youtube. When you learn english grammar, you will understand the basic rules which are very helpful for you to learn english language.

Learn Sentence Formation: The second thing is, english sentence formation. You can also learn basic to advanced level sentence formation on youtube free of cost. When you will learn the sentence formation and practice, you will know how to use them and talk in English.

Practice In Front Of Mirror: While learning English language, you should not stop doing practice because without doing practice, you cannot become fluent in English language. You should create a time table for practice and follow it for 1 to 2 years.

Learn Vocabulary: Vocabulary is key of English language and without learning vocabulary, you can speak good English that is why its most important thing for you to learn it. You can google, and write down the English vocabulary with your native language meaning for your better understanding.

Make A Time Table: When you study without following the time table you can’t do study well and unable to remember for long time that is why you should make a proper time table for practicing English language.

Step By Step Guide To Learn English

I have given some points to learn English language at home. English language is important for everyone because of getting job, preparing test, going to abroad.

Now, we will understand some basic sentence formation to learn English language online. You can then find more information about these sentences or can also watch videos on youtube about these sentences.

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Sentence Formation

1: Present Simple Tense

2: Past Simple Tense

3: Future Simple Tense

These are the basic but important sentences rules that you should learn and when you understand about them you learn 30% english language. Now, we will learn examples of these sentences.

Present Simple Tense: In present simple tenses, we talk things which are happening in the present time. Let’s see some examples,

1: Ram Sing A Song.

2: Geeta Plays Football.

3: Children watch TV.

4: You Speak Good English.

5: I Go To School By Van.

Past Simple Tense: In past simple tense, we talk about things which are already happened so we call them past sentences. Here are some examples,

1: Ram Sung A Song.

2: Geeta Played Football.

3: Children Watched TV.

4: You Spoke Good English.

5: I Went To School By Van.

Please note that, In past simple tense we use 2nd form of verb for talking about past or use “ed” in the last of verb.

So this is a very simple tense, I hope we are getting my point and understand the basic tense rules.

Future Simple Tense: In future simple tenses, we talk about things which will happen in future and for that we use word “will” which represent to future tense. Let’s see some examples,

1: Ram Will Sing A Song.

2: Geeta Will Play Football.

3: Children Will Watch TV.

4: You Will Speak Good English.

5: I will Go To School By Van.

So these are the three basic tenses for learning english language at home without going to any english center. If you already know about these tenses then you need to learn advanced english tenses which are available on youtube and on internet.

Watch English Stories Videos

The best practice for learning English language is, watching story videos on Youtube. This will help you to understand the listening skills so you can learn English by watching Youtube stories.

There are many videos on youtube, which will help you to understand the English grammar rules, improve listening skills, etc.

Can I Learn English At Home?

Yes you can easily learn English at home without going to any center. so you don’t need to pay anything.

How To Learn English Grammar Rules Online?

You can watch youtube videos for learning grammar rules. There are many videos in English, Hindi language for your better understanding.

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