Short Passage Examples For Improvement English Skills

Passages are helpful for making an ideas on specific topic and in this post we have provided the best short passages which will help you to understand English grammar, English knowledge, etc.

So let’s move to our topic and start reading the passage for better understanding the English language.

Examples Of English Passages

Topic: Character And Education

Character is the crowning glory of man’s life. A man of character is a model of virtue. He is fearless and with clear conscience. Character brings him spiritual beauty and material success. Every great man has a strong moral character. So, the building of a strong moral character should be the foundation of all education.

Topic: Importance Of Books

Books are a man’s permanent friends. Human friendly may leave him but books always stand by him in the journey of life. They are the products of masterminds. They contain pearls of wisdom and gems of thought. They satisfy our thirst for spiritual and intellectual knowledge. Good books should be read.

Topic: Defects In The Present System Of Education

The present system of education is very defective and theoretical. An educated man has bookish knowledge. The present system does not tech him the dignity of labour. Educated young men look down upon manual labour. They do not like to work in field and factories. The present educational system should be made purposeful.

Topic: Early Rising And Good Health

Early rising brings health and happiness. A late riser has to work till late in the evening. He goes without evening exercise. A late riser’s work is not as good as an early riser’s. Mind-night hours must be spent in rest and sleep. Bad health produces bad effect on the quality of work.

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Topic: Contentment And Happniess

True happiness lies in contentment. Happiness lies in reducing one’s desires. Slavery to blind desires makes one unhappy. The rich people want more and more. So they become discontented. Discontentment makes tense and unhealthy. Contentment is the only way to happiness.

Topic: Ashoka Becomes A Buddhist

Ashoka conquered many kingdoms and set up a vast empire. He realised that he was shedding the blood of innocent people. He decided to conquer his enemies by kindness. He became a buddhist. He sent buddhist preachers to spread the message of buddha. He worked for the welfare of people.

Topic: Co-education

Co-education has its merits and demerits. Boys become cultured and studious in the company of girls. Co-education brings in healthy competition between boys and girls. Students pay more attention to clothes and academics. Sometimes they go wrong in adolescence. Co-education is all right upto middle standard and at the post graduate level.

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Topic: Uses Of Electricity

Electricity has conquered time and space and made human life better. Doctors use electricity to cure serious diseases. It has worked wonders in entertainment. Electricity has resulted in large scale production of consumer goods. It is being used for human welfare.

Topic: Hazards Of Palk Straits

Palk Straits poses a great challenge to swimmers. There are the sea animals like sharks, panthers of the deep and deadly sea snakes. They attack everything that moves. With a shark repellant or a gun these dangerous sea animals can be kept at some distance. Nothing can be done about the reptiles of the Indian Ocean. The snakes infest the sea here because of rocks. They have different sizes ranging from three foot ones to thirty feet long.

Topic: The Influence Of A Teacher On His Students

It is possible for a teacher to influence his students even from a distance, by his way of living. A liar teacher cannot ask his students to speak the truth. A cowardly teacher could never ask his students to be valiant. An indisciplined teacher could never ask his students to have restraint. He had to be an object-lesson to his students. Gandhiji subjected himself to this kind of discipline because of his students.

Topic: Nehru’s Praise For The Ganga

Ganga, particularly, is the river of india. India’s fears and hopes, successes and defeats have been linked with her. She has been a symbol of india’s ancient civilisation. She reminds Nehru of the Himalayas.

Nehru describes the changing moods of the ganda. In the morning sunlight, she appears to be smiling and dancing. In the evening, she seems dark. In winter she seems to be a narrow stream. During the monsoon she becomes vast and frightening. To Nehru, the ganga has been a symbol of India’s past.

Topic: Importance Of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness of students is very important. Games and physical education should be introduced from primary classes. Simple breathing and yogic exercise can be very useful for students. Expensive equipment and gymnasia are not necessary. Games, regular walking and simple sports can be secure good health for youth.

Physical fitness and freedom from all kinds of ailments is the desire of every human being. Indeed, good health is the first condition of happiness in life. Those who play games, or simply take a regular brisk walk, do swimming, cycling, etc. Generally maintain better health.

Topic: The Teaching Profession

Teaching is a very noble profession. A teacher shapes the future of his students like a potter shaping the pots. In ancient times teachers were dedicated and students respectful. Now neither the teachers nor the students have dedication and sincerity. So the standard of education has suffered.

Even now there are exceptional teachers who are concerned about their students. Good teachers have positive qualities of intelligence, understanding and sympathy. Students feel comfortable in their company.

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